Lesson 13 - States of Ultra-deep Hypnosis


During the development of studies and experiments in the hypnotic field, further levels of hypnosis have been described, called "ultra deep". The most famous are known as Esdaile State and Sichort State or Ultra Depth® and are commonly used for hypnotic surgical anesthesia. What are the states of ultra-deep hypnosis and what happens? What are the applications and benefits?

Hypnotic Coma - Esdaile State

It is characterized by the fact that the subject does not respond to any kind of stimulus or suggestion, since he is in such a widespread state of well-being that he practically ignores whatever the hypnotist says or does.

Ultra-deep state - Sichort State or Ultra Depth®

It is a further state of anesthesia that is accessed through Esdaile's hypnotic coma, characterized by absolute relaxation, including deep abdominal muscles and skeletal muscles.

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