Lesson 10 - Depth test

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Light, medium or deep hypnosis?

The depth test allows to measure the stage reached in hypnosis and is carried out during the induction process. As shown by surveys, the state of hypnosis changes brain frequencies and other important factors, which can be monitored with a careful analysis of trance status indicators. The depth test is useful both to the operator and to the hypnotized person because it allows on the one hand to measure the level of hypnosis achieved during the hypnotic induction process and on the other it becomes a reason for greater awareness of the state achieved, especially for those who hypnosis approaches for the first time. In these cases it may happen that the person, in the absence of precise references, deems certain hypnotic phenomenologies as strange random manifestations or autosuggestions or that it depends on pure randomness. The hypnotist who works at a professional level knows the level most suited to the purpose of the session and can bring the client to the exact level of hypnosis to which it is necessary to arrive, checking the status achieved with a specific depth test.

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