Lesson 7 - Hypnotic inductions

Hypnotic inductions

With the term inductions we indicate the different procedures and methodologies used to relax the subjects and help them to enter a hypnotic state, a mental state favorable to welcoming suggestions. As a natural condition of the mind there is practically an infinite series of hypnotic and potentially unlimited inductions. There are so many ways to induce a trance, technical verbal, non-verbal, mesmeric, fascinating, shock, snapshots that you risk getting lost; yet, once you understand the mechanism, you can get rid of standard protocols and indulge, letting yourself go to creativity and imagination, personalizing and creating all your own techniques. In the early days of learning the practice of hypnosis, following procedures helps to understand and acquire ever greater safety, but later it could become limiting, experimenting is the spirit that leads to innovation.


In this lesson the first two inductions that we learn are very simple and at the same time effective. These are two verbal techniques that are very similar to each other and whose purpose is to induce a state of profound psycho-physical relaxation and promote a state of well-being ...

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