Overweight or underweight? 40 Auto Positive affirmations to reach your ideal weight

Ipnosi per dimagrire - Ester Patricia Ceresa

The weight today as today can be a concern, maybe even a cosmetic one, as well as becoming in some cases also a question of health, well-being and quality of life.

Overweight or underweight?

The ideal would be address the issue globally, that is mental, emotional and physical. 

"The charlatan studies diseases in the affected organs, where he finds nothing but effects that have already occurred, and he always remains an ignorant with regard to the causes. The real doctor studies the causes of diseases by studying the universal man. "
                                   Philip Aureolus Theophrastus von Hohenheim (Paracelso)

What can I do every day for me?

Among the various useful applications it is shown how a regular practice of positive affirmations increases the probability of transforming the same statements into positive actions and feelings. This is because the more you repeat something to yourself, the more your brain believes in it. The more your brain believes in it, the more you believe it and then you act accordingly because you believe it is possible. They are simple messages that work like the Chinese drop, if constantly repeated they begin to make their way in your mind. Listen to them as much as you can, as and when you want: the key is in repetition. The principle is simple: our mind learns by reiteration, the constant practice of self-assertion floods the brain circuits with positive thought patterns and the neuroplasticity is effectively created in the area of ​​the brain that processes what we are thinking about.


Follow an expert and listen to these on a daily basis 40 POWERFUL POSITIVE FREE POSITIONS to help your mind help sculpt your body and regain your healthy weight in a natural and healthy way. Take advantage of every moment to dedicate yourself more to you! 

Even understanding one's morpho-physiognomy (face and body shape) can be a key element in weight treatment: each type has its own "CORPUS". The lunar types such as Aldo Fabrizi, for example, are round and full peculiarities, just like their symbolism. Nature, to make them capable of being dreamers and contemplatives, their primary characteristics, needs to provide them with rounded and soft shapes. A lunar type to lose weight should also change the "FORM MENTIS", that is, its own amiable and collaborative attitudes, giving up daydreaming and saying goodbye to passivity.

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As if it were a release, a brain update, as if to make a software program created many years ago more efficient and functional, updating it with new functions and operations more suited to current needs.

Evolution, today.

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