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Ester Patricia Ceresa

Expert in Change Technologies

The study of human behavior and the immense capacities of his brain and his body has always fascinated me.

I chose to give my mind a chance and since then it has given me back almost infinite.

Man is a social animal, everything in him communicates. To understand his behavior it is necessary to learn the structure of his communication and it is precisely in this field that I have moved my initial professional steps.

The first experience as a trainer dates back to the late 1990s, committed to the Italian Chambers of Commerce in a multi-year project of a telematic revolution in relation to the training of the personnel and professionals involved.

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certifications and professional qualifications

I work in Italy and abroad, collaborating with various academies, training centers and institutes including  European University - Istituto ISI CNV (Higher Institute of Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication), Italian Academy of Integrated Coaching, Lotus Formations, Italian Hypnosis Association, Performing Life and others with the role of MASTER TRAINER in NLP & PNL3, Non-Verbal Communication, Advanced Hypnosis, Mesmerism and Coaching.

I also carry out the profession of  COUNSELOR HYPNOTERAPIST e  LIFE COACH , registered in the Register of Certified Professionals of the SINAPE Union - FELSA CISL with number Registration No. 09/3833 T - 3933

President of I.P.C.A International Professional Coaching Association, promoter of many international initiatives and congresses in Italy in the field of Coaching and Hypnosis.

Vice president and director of the Study, Research and Development Center of Italian Hypnosis Association, created to promote scientific research, the study, dissemination and practice of hypnosis, in all its applications.

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